[Boiled white vinegar disinfection]_Boiled white vinegar_Action_Benefits

White vinegar has many daily effects, but some people have not found this effect at all. For example, vermilion vinegar can be sterilized. This is a relatively common effect. When I bought some new kitchen utensils,You can add some white vinegar and boil to achieve a good disinfection purpose. In addition, it can treat athlete’s foot and clean the toilet in the home.

After cleaning the toilet, brush the toilet, spray white vinegar on the top of the toilet, and keep it for 1-2 hours, then rinse it with water, which can improve the disinfection and deodorization effect.

Scrub the glass After cleaning the doors and windows with detergent, there will often be some fog-like marks on the glass.

In fact, you can mix white vinegar and soapy water to clean the glass, which can make the doors and windows bright.

The specific method is to mix 2 cups of water with 1/4 cup of white vinegar, add 1/2 tablespoon of detergent, and spray in a spray bottle.

After washing the wooden furniture, add a cup of vinegar to each gallon (3.)

785 liters) of water, scrubbing the furniture with it will not only remove the smell of the detergent, but also make the furniture bright as new.

Clean the scales I just tried this morning: pour dozens of milliliters of white vinegar into a thermos bottle, shake it a few times, and the scales are removed immediately.

Use white vinegar to treat athlete’s foot and buy nine bags of white vinegar in the supermarket, divided into three, three bags each.

The usage method is to wash your feet with warm water first, then heat three bags of white vinegar and put them in another basin, soak your feet for about 30 minutes, use three bags every three days, and then change another one.

Try it, it feels very good.

White vinegar freckle collection of the fourth type, of course, folk whitening freckle remedy soaked in vinegar and aloe vera.

Atractylodes zhu (second sound) can be bought in pharmacies, washed and cut into pieces or slices, then soaked in white vinegar or rice vinegar (Atractylodes: vinegar = 1:10), sealed and soaked for a week (also said soaking)2-3 days).

After washing your face every day, use vinegar-soaked atractylodes to rub the spot on the face, and then wash it with water. Continuous use has the effect of lightening and eliminating pigmentation. It is especially effective for freckles.It can be done, and the freckle effect is also very good.

First we prepare an egg and a bottle of white vinegar, soak the eggs in white vinegar and wait for one month after the egg shells have completely melted.

Take a spoonful each time and add it to the hot water. Stick to drinking once a day. The spots will gradually fade.