[Do you eat more walnuts to gain weight]_ walnuts _ gain weight _ obesity

Because walnut contains a large amount of fat, if you eat too much, it will cause weight gain, so everyone must eat in moderation.

The right amount of walnuts has the effect of anti-cancer, and can also supplement the brain, provide nutrition and so on. The right amount of food is still very good.


Walnuts are very rich in nutrition. Many benefits of eating walnuts have anticancer and anti-cancer effects. Walnuts also have functions of breaking blood and removing blood stasis. Walnuts can replenish the brain, anti-inflammatory and sterilize, maintain the skin, tonic and strengthen the body, provide nutrition, moisturizeDry and smooth intestines.

In short, the nutritional value of walnuts is very rich, often eating walnuts has a good effect of nourishing blood and qi.


Will eating fat make you fat?

Walnuts are rich in fats. If you eat them after meals and eat them regularly, you may cause obesity, because at this time you are full, and eating a lot of fats will cause excessive intake for a day. At this time,May cause a large amount of fat to be converted into feces in the body, causing too much, in fact, any food is eaten in such a way that it should not be taken inappropriately, it may cause too much, even low-level foods can cause obesity.

If you eat walnuts before meals, not only will not cause too much, it will further reduce weight, because if you eat walnuts before meals, the large amount of fat in walnuts will make people feel full.Will reduce the amount of meals, which can effectively control the substitution of transformation, so that you can achieve a good weight loss effect.